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The Learning Centre Literacy Lab ~

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A grant from WaterBridge Outreach is enabling The Foundation for Tomorrow to establish an innovative Literacy Lab in their new state-of-the-art Learning Centre, a first-of-its-kind community hub in Arusha. The Learning Centre will provide the surrounding community with previously out-of-reach educational, vocational, and entrepreneurial resources.

The Literacy Lab , sponsored by WBO,  will support young learners and their families with services that will create a strong foundation for literacy and numeracy development and set these young learners on a clear path to academic success..With a full supply of literacy tools available - workbooks, flashcards, and loaner books in both Kiswahili and English - these new readers will have the resources they need to build their skill set. Support provided both at home and within the Learning Centre will create a continuity of learning to strengthen these learners’ skills. 

UPDATE: September 2023

We are thrilled to announce that construction of

The Community Learning Centre is complete and

the dedication ceremony was held with much

fanfare and celebration in June. The Centre is

now open and bringing education to the Arusha

community of all ages no matter where they are

in their educational journey. While the Centre is a

place of learning, TFFT also hopes it will be a

facility that children and adults alike can enjoy

themselves and have fun!  


Over the years we have worked with TFFT on

several books + water projects, including 

our first Writers for WaterBridge book project

which produced 8,000 booklets in Kiswahili, the

lingua franca of East Africa. The teachers

donated their time to write the texts that tell

stories drawn from day-to-day life in Tanzania, and a local illustrator produced the drawings. The Literacy Lab brings us full circle as books in Kiswahili are a valuable resource there since the Tanzanian government declared that, in order to improve literacy, teaching, reading, and writing in grades 1 through 3 should be taught in Kiswahili only.

The Foundation for Tomorrow recognizes that learning happens at all stages of life and in many different ways, and they continue to evolve and discover how learning can transform lives in the most impactful, sustainable, and pragmatic ways. The Literacy Lab and The Community Learning Centre will empower the community of Arusha and the nation of Tanzania in innovative ways that will make it possible for all to think beyond the confines of what they know. And in doing so, be able to learn, explore, dream big, and take action. WaterBridge is proud to be a part of this very exciting project.

Learning Centre Literacy Lab

Learning Centre Literacy Lab

TANZANIA A grant from WaterBridge Outreach is enabling The Foundation for Tomorrow to establish an innovative Literacy Lab in their new state-of-the-art Learning Centre, a first-of-its-kind community hub in Arusha. Completion date scheduled for June 2023.

Hand Washing Stations

Hand Washing Stations

In the midst of the COVID pandemic, hand washing stations and soap making workshops were launched in 13 schools serving over 16,000 primary students in Arusha. Under the slogan “Clean hands save lives!” students were educated in the proper way to wash their hands in order to prevent the spread of infection. They then shared their effective hand-washing techniques throughout their households and communities.

School Washrooms

School Washrooms

Sinon Primary School in Arusha, Tanzania had only 29 pit latrines (squat toilets) for a student/staff population of 3,567! WaterBridge Outreach, working alongside The Foundation for Tomorrow, provided financing for the construction of a new toilet block containing 10 pit latrines at the school.

Publishing Books in Kiswahili

Publishing Books in Kiswahili

An initiative of Writers for WaterBridge Outreach Book is publishing books in the native language of communities with limited teaching and learning resources, and where any access to books is especially difficult. The first completed project was the production of 8,000 booklets in Kiswahili in close collaboration with Melissa Queyquep of The Foundation for Tomorrow in Tanzania.

World Toilet Day 2020

World Toilet Day 2020

Celebrating World Toilet Day 2020 at Sinon Primary School.

World Toilet Day 2019

World Toilet Day 2019

Celebrating World Toilet Day 2019 at Sinon Primary School.

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