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Sinon Primary School Pit Latrines ~

Arusha, Tanzania

Sinon Primary School, one of 48 government-run primary schools in Arusha City Council, Tanzania, currently has only 29 pit latrines (squat toilets) for a student/staff population of 3,567! The toilet-pupil ratio stands at 1:121 and is way above the national average of 1:53. The Ministry of Education and Vocational Training has defined clearly the standards for school sanitation facilities as the ratio of one latrine per 20 girls and one per 25 boys.

Poor sanitation facilities are a harsh reality facing pupils and teachers every day, causing absenteeism and even drop-outs. Good quality sanitation facilities are important for a healthy learning environment and to ensure dignity and good health of the students and teachers in the school. WaterBridge Outreach, working alongside The Foundation for Tomorrow, has committed funds for the construction of 10 more desperately needed pit latrines. 

The school has adequate water supplies for sanitation and a place has already been located where the toilet block will be constructed. Students and staff are excited at the prospect of the new infrastructure to ease pressure on the existing pit latrines that are overwhelmed by the growing school population.  The new pit latrine facility project will assure staff and students a safe and clean space to go to the toilet.  It will also provide a more hygienic environment, insuring adequate ventilation, the absence of odors and flies, doors for privacy, and hand washing areas outside of the toilet block on either side of the girls and boys' section.  And lastly, it will also give students an opportunity to reflect on hygiene practices and apply them correctly, providing an educational outcome. 



SINON Primary School on Google Maps:,35.8981429,9z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x1836e772e09f0e7d:0x586dedcfb4aeb7f1!8m2!3d-3.3185371!4d36.4511022?hl=en-US


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