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March ~ Humara Apna School aka The Bamboo School in Pakistan


November ~ GivingTuesday 2023

September ~ The Literacy Lab is Open!

June ~ Supporting Sarah's Rural Library Fund in Peru!

March ~ A New Literacy Project in Tanzania


December ~ Seasons Greetings and Thank You

November ~ #GivingTuesday 2022

SeptemberCelebrating New Water Projects in the Philippines and Nicaragua

June Filling the Shelves of Ponheary Ly Foundation's Knar Community Library in Cambodia

March ~ Celebrating World Water Day With a New Water Project in Nicaragua


December ~ Thank You For Your Support in 2021

November ~ A Library for Srayang Learning Centre in Cambodia

September ~ Completion of 2nd Dagdag Dunong Reading Center in the Philippines

June ~ Umeed: A Camel Library in Pakistan

March ~ Exciting News! Three Books + Water Projects Recently Completed in Pakistan,  Tanzania, and India


December ~ Seasons Greetings and Thank You

December ~ #GivingTuesday 2020 ~ COVID Support

November ~ World Toilet Day Celebrations at Sinon Primary School, Tanzania



December ~ Seasons Greetings and Thank You

December ~ #GivingTuesday

November ~ Save the Date #GivingTuesday

September ~ The Literacy Kitchen, a new building within The Literacy Garden at The Akili Preparatory School for Girls in Kenya. 

June ~ Two New Water/Sanitation Projects:  Sinon Primary School Pit Latrines in Tanzania and Dalit Toilet Complex Rehabilitation in India

March ~ Update on the Now Africa Library Project


December ~ Seasons Greetings and Thank You

November ~ #GivingTuesday

SeptemberWaterBridge Outreach Funds a Library for the Karama Education Center, Uganda

June ~ School Washrooms for The Merasi School, India

 March ~ Library Book Boxes (Pakistan) and Dagdag Dunong Reading Center Construction (Philippines)



December ~ Seasons Greetings

 November ~ #GivingTuesday

October ~ Unveiling Our New Website

June ~ WaterBridge Outreach Video


February ~ Our Recent Trip to India and 5 New Projects to Fund


 November ~ 3 Projects That Need – And Merit - Your Support

August ~ Our 2nd Writers for WaterBridge Outreach Event

May ~  Thanks To Fundraising Efforts by JosephJoseph (England) and Holy Names University (USA) WaterBridge Outreach Is Able to Complete More Books + Water Projects In Tamil Nadu, India 


 December ~ Year End Highlights and an Enormous Thank You for Your Support

September ~ Annual Appeal

August ~ WaterBridge Outreach Featured on "Do Good With Goodreads"

June ~ Bore Well and Hand Pump Installed in Jeeva Nagar, India Thanks to Fundraising Support from Sonoma Women's Giving Circle

, April ~  WBO Friends and Supporters Jenny Li and Angelo Lamola Deliver Books To The Merasi School In India 


December ~ Reflections and Thank You

 September ~ Our Inaugural E-Newsletter

Interviews, Updates

Positively Filipino Article on WaterBridge Outreach and the 2nd Dagdag Dunong Reading Center.


A Shout Out of Thanks To Students At Oakwood School in California! 

WaterBridge Outreach Funds Unique Mobile Library Project in the Philippines. Published May 2016.

Writers forWaterBridge Outreach: Publishing Books in Kiswahili for The Foundation for Tomorrow ~ Tanzania

Holy Names University's Article "HNU Community Helps Provide Clean Water for Four Schools in Tamil Nadu, India". Published August 2016.

An Interview with Ms. Basarat Kazim, President, Alif Laila Book Bus Society (ALBBS) in Lahore, Pakistan. Published May 2016.


Our Inaugral Writers for WaterBridge Outreach: Books + Water Event by Gail Tsukiyama, Author, and Coordinator of Writers for WaterBridge Outreach. Published December 2015.


An Interview with Christine Low, Executive Director of Friends of Matènwa. Published September 2015 

International Literacy Day ~ September 8th. Published September 2015.

A Look at the Books Donated by WaterBridge Outreach in 2015 by Dr. Barbara Bundy, Coordinator for Books + Education at WaterBridge Outreach. Published August 2015.


Do Good With Goodreads. WaterBridge Outreach is featured in Goodreads August 2015 e-newsletter.

Building the Library at the Merasi School: An Interview with WaterBridge Outreach "Book Mules" Angelo Lamola and Jenny Li. Published Spring 2015.

Multicultural Children's Book Day: Celebrating Diversity in Children's Books ~ January 27th. Published January 2015.


Holiday Greetings from WaterBridge Outreach: Books + Water. Published December 2014.


World Toilet Day ~ November 19th. Published Fall 2014.


Dr. Barbara Bundy, Coordinator for Books + Education at WaterBridge Outreach, Talks About WaterBridge Outreach's Books + Literacy Program. Published September 2014.


Author Gail Tsukiyama Talks About What Books Mean to Her and About Writers for WaterBridge Outreach. Published Summer 2014.


A Library Grows in the Desert. Published Summer 2014.


Bringing Clean Water to Ellandoppu, India. Published Summer 2014.


Highlighting the Upcoming Asian Festival of Children's Content and Project Splash! Asia. Published Spring 2014.


Interview on Mum-Mum's the Word Blog: Conversations on the High Chair #19 - Corinne Robson’s Hopes in the Life-giving Power of Water and Books. 

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