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Books + Literacy Materials for Dignity for Children Foundation ~ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Since 2003 Dignity for Children Foundation has been serving disengaged children who come from underprivileged families in the Kuala Lumpur area, including those living hungry in shanty towns with no water. Without proper intervention these children are destined to repeat the cycle of poverty. Today the one-stop community-learning centre caters to over 1,000 children from ages 2 to 17 through its education, sports and youth development programs as well as adults of all ages through teacher training programs.   As well as their day-to-day education program Dignity for Children has implemented sports and youth development programs.. Malaysian children have a legal right to education, but refugees do not.  Dignity of Children Foundation offers education and empowerment programs for all children—refugees, urban poor, and disabled and emphasizes teaching with stories, storytelling, and the arts.

The books and literacy materials sent from WaterBridge Outreach have assisted the Foundation in teaching global literacy. Says co-founder Petrina Shee, “The books were placed at the book corner in the classrooms…and made an impact on our teaching as storytelling… as well as in the literacy development of our children.” Rebecca, Lead Teacher of Upper Primary tells us "Though the students are 15-16 years old, they are behind in terms of reading, thus pictures with beautiful and compelling illustrations really helps them grasp the ideas and contents of the stories much better!" 

Here is a glimpse of feedback on several of the books that WaterBridge Outreach has sent to Dignity for Children Foundation:

Azzi in Between by Sarah Garland


Students liked this story book. According to them, the book is colourful, full of  beautiful pictures and they understood the story. The attractive book cover seemed to appeal to the students’ interest in reading  with their friends. Not only that but also the beautiful pictures with the story is so meaningful. One of the students, Aida said that she loves the story because Azzi the main character in the story can go to school, learn new words in English and her life gets better in the end. 



Biblioburro: A True Story from Columbia by Jeanette Winter


The students are able to engage throughout the story. They seems to be very curious as well as excited with this man that brings books to children who have none. It is definitely a great lesson in itself to get children to do good to others and more importantly, to instill the love of reading and continuos learning. This particular book encourages the students to share their books and knowledge to others. You can get so much learning and fun from reading books too!


I like it that the man give the books to the children. 


The man is a nice person! Yes, because he give children many books! 


We are so lucky to have books to read! They are many people who want to read but don't have the chance to. 



One Well: The Story of Water on Earth by Rochelle Strauss, illustrated by Rosemary Woods


The book is very informative, it helps us to know and be aware of the importance of water. After reading the book, children are able to reflect on how important water is in their life. One of our teachers, Francois, was so impressed with the information provided and said that he gained knowledge by reading the book. One section in the book enables him to see the comparison of water usage amongst countries.



Planting The Trees of Kenya: The Story of Wangari Maathai by Claire A. Nivola


Students liked the pictures in this book. They said the pictures were beautiful. Besides that, they also mentioned that the story is really inspiring. According to their words, “ Reading this book, we are being inspired to care for our environment. We can do something to care for the environment  anywhere and by anyone”.  One of the teachers, Amna, said that after reading the story she is inspired to plants seeds at her house. She is going to plants seeds, see them grow and plant at any the area she can possibly find.



The Roses in My Carpets by Rukhsana Khan, illustrated by Ronald Himler


This is a sad story of how the boy went through war and now he is a refugee and I like the ending. 

This is a sad story but he is like us.


This is a sad story but I am glad the ending is a happy one.


The brother loves his sister and his mother very much.

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