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Project WASH at Dagdag Dunong Reading Center ~ Baco, Philippines

Recently, WaterBridge Outreach also provided the funds for a needed water sanitation and hygiene facility called Project WASH at Dagdag Dunong Reading Center.  Working with Ms. Ana Bacudio and her all volunteer team, WBO had financed the construction of the 2nd Dagdag Dunong Reading Center in Baco, Philippines. The reading center provides a safe, welcoming place for desperately poor, long discriminated against Mangyan indigenous children to improve their reading and writing skills.  

Project WASH now provides tiled sinks, faucets with clean, running water and soap so that students and volunteers at the center can properly clean up. Students were educated in the proper way to wash their hands in order to prevent the spread of infection, and have shared their effective handwashing techniques with peers and family members.  The new sanitation station is not only essential for a healthy environment, but extends into the children’s everyday lives, improving their school attendance
and self-esteem, while helping to create resilient communities living in healthy environments.

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