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Books + Literacy Materials for Alif Laila Book Bus Society ~ Lahore, Pakistan

Alif Laila Book Bus Society (ALBBS) is a NGO working to promote quality education, reading and libraries for children in Lahore, Pakistan and also serves as host for the Pakistan chapter of The International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY),  a non-profit organization which represents an international network of people from all over the world who are committed to bringing books and children together. Here at WaterBridge Outreach we are delighted to be able to present the impressive and imaginative work being done by ALBBS for children and the wider community, and we are very happy to partner with them in bringing some books to the children they serve. 


Ms. Basarat Kazim, President of ALBBS, tells us that the books donated by WaterBridge Outreach have been used to conduct story telling and activity sessions and that all the books sent have been "a roaring success." In fact The Good Garden written by Katie Smith Milway and illustrated by Sylvie Daigneault, served as inspiration for ALBBS's own garden patch!

ALBBS has a vibrant Facebook page which contains many photos of the children enjoying the books WaterBridge Outreach has sent. Click here to view.

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