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Dorothy Allison 


“It is impossible to overemphasize how important books have been in my life. Over and over again when I was in complete despair or terror or simply pinned down in that sense of helplessness that defined poverty for me, I stumbled on the exact right book to keep me alive and restore my faith in what might happen.  Nor do I discount comfort—the kind of sweet distraction that a good story can provide. Sometimes what we need is not large. Sometimes we just need that moment of being in someone else’s story, a way to reclaim the strength to get back to our own.”


Dorothy Allison is the bestselling author of several novels including, Bastard Out of Carolina, a finalist for the 1992 National Book Award, and Cavedweller, a national bestseller and NY Times Notable book of the year. An award winning editor, poet, essayist and beloved teacher, she has described herself as a feminist, a working class story teller, a Southern expatriate, a sometime poet and a happily born-again Californian. Awarded the 2007 Robert Penn Warren Award for Fiction, Allison is a member of the board of the Fellowship of Southern Writers. 


Visit her website by clicking here. 

Dorothy Allison, Writes for WaterBridge Outreach: Books + Water
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