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Anne LeClaire


"I grew up on a farm in a rural Massachusetts town and am forever grateful for the public library. Each week, from the time I was in kindergarten, my mother drove me and my two sisters to that granite building to choose our books for that week, a ritual that continued until I left for college and one that built a foundation for my formal education and expanded my understanding of life.  The books I checked out of that library as a child opened a universe beyond my personal geography, a world full of wisdom and possibilities and the mysteries of the human heart." 


Former journalist, actor and radio broadcaster, Anne D. LeClaire is the bestselling author of ten novels, including The Halo Effect, Entering Normal and The Lavender Hour, and one memoir, the award-winning, Listening Below the Noise: An Exploration of Silence. She has led writing workshops in France, Italy, Ireland and Jamaica, been on the faculty of numerous writing conferences, and taught creative writing to women in prison. Anne lives on Cape Cod.


Visit her website by clicking here.


Photo Credit: Christopher LeClaire

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