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A Shout Out of Thanks To Students At Oakwood School in California!


A HUGE THANK YOU to Reid Kurashige, Harrison Fuller, and Madison Fuller, students at Oakwood School in North Hollywood, California, who are hosting monthly donut sales at their school as a fundraiser for WaterBridge Outreach. During the initial donut sale on October 17, 2016 they sold their entire inventory of eight dozen Krispy Kreme donuts within 10 minutes!


"Students were rushing to our table, fumbling for their wallets to pay for the glazed and chocolate treats, motivated by the fact that their money would be going to an extremely important cause. Harrison and I collected roughly ninety dollars today, and we plan on having a fundraiser every month during the school year, which would result in a net profit of over eight-hundred dollars. We also intend on increasing the number of donuts we sell in future fundraisers, raising the estimate by a significant amount. All in all, working for WaterBridge Outreach has been a pleasure so far and I feel honored to donate to such a wonderful organization." ~ Reid K.

A thank you too to who graciously donated the donuts and to the students that purchased donuts and helped to support the fundraiser. It is so inspiring that these students are reaching out to help children in need and provide them with the clean water, books and literacy materials that will give them a chance to work their way out of poverty.

Published October 2016

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