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COVID-19 Support


During the past few months worldwide attention has been focused on the COVID-19 pandemic. For us at WaterBridge Outreach it became clear that, as the pandemic spread, our priority would be to assist our partner organizations with their immediate needs - providing the basics of life (food and water) to families in their communities.  All of us are struggling during this unprecedented time but for those already living on the brink of life, in poverty, without food security, without access to healthcare, and without access to clean water (to drink and to wash hands), with minimal (if any) government support,  the need is acute. With your support we have been able to channel funds to our partner organizations to assist them during the pandemic. We understand that this is a stressful time for all and your support has been greatly appreciated.  


Folk Arts Rajasthan - The Merasi School. Rajasthan, India. The children of the Merasi School are considered untouchables and as such are denied access to most education and services.  In Jaisalmer events continue to be sobering. Police violence, a lack of water during blistering hot months plus extreme hunger issues had compelled the COVID pandemic.  Funds provided by WBO to the Merasi School and Folk Arts Rajasthan have helped families to meet some of their immediate needs for kitchen staples including water.  After a harrowing incident of harassment during lockdown at the Merasi Guesthouse, a demoralized Nawab Khan (18) rallied when assembling food packets. "Knowing we have family outside of Jaisalmer has made a big difference to me”.

Stay Safe, Be Kind, Be Calm.

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