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Lauren Groff 


"No tool made by man can map the interior of another human being as gorgeously and precisely as a book can. Only books can lead directly into other human hearts; only books allow us to step inside another person, to live there for a time, and to bear miraculous witness to our shared existence." 


Lauren Groff is a three-time National Book Award finalist and The New York
Times–bestselling author of the novels The Monsters of Templeton, Arcadia, Fates and Furies, Matrix, and The Vaster Wilds, and the celebrated short story collections Delicate Edible Birds and Florida. She has won The Story Prize, the ABA Indies’ Choice Award, France’s Grand Prix de l’Héroïne, and the Joyce Carol Oates Prize, and has been a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award. Her work regularly appears in The New Yorker, The Atlantic, and elsewhere. Her work has been translated into thirty-six languages. She lives in Gainesville, Florida.

She lives in Gainesville, Florida with her husband and two sons. 


Visit her website by clicking here. 

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