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Gardens for 10 Families ~ Lagonav, Haiti





WaterBridge Outreach is very happy to have been able to collaborate with the Friends of Matènwa, a US based nonprofit organization that works with the Matènwa Learning Center on the island of Lagonav in Haiti. The Matènwa Learning Center in Lagonav, Haiti, supports many valuable educational initiatives. One of the most significant of these is training villagers on the island how best to plant and grow vegetables. The village families are thus enabled not only to grow food for themselves, but also to grow food that they can then sell as a modest source of income.


In each of the last three years WaterBridge Outreach has enabled ten new families each year to obtain the necessary equipment for rain catchment systems. That allows the families to gather water for use in their homes and also, importantly, provides water to irrigate their vegetable gardens. The gutters and water barrels and watering cans visible in the photographs are all part of this effort to store and carefully use the water that is so precious to the families. Also visible in some of the photographs are the simple fences put up by the villagers to protect the vegetables from the local goats – animals that are famous for munching any grass, plants or vegetables that lie in their path!


WaterBridge Outreach has also provided numbers of books in Creole for use by school age children in their science studies and other subjects at the Matènwa Center. 

Video credit: Christine Low

Watch Matenwa Learning Center's "Welcome to our School Garden" video
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