Words can't express our deepest gratitude to WBO but deep inside you are always in our hearts on our journey to promote change, improve the quality of life of these children and mould them to become good citizens of the world, Mabuhay and Godbless us all

The Jeepney of Hope has travelled to the remote areas of San Teodoro Oriental Mindoro, bringing stories and smiles to 141 children of Adong Mangyan school

It is indeed a very strenous and hazardous experience as the rough road going to the school is 10km from the national highway with a lot of deep ravine and steep cliff along the way

The first 5 km is passable by 4 wheeled vehicle like the jeep, but the next 5 km is only by habal habal or motorbike or by foot

The school supplies that we brought were transferred to a "pasagad" (cart pulled by a carabao) because our jeep cant pass through anymore because of the deep cliff beside the narrow road We have travelled 5 km more by foot  and as we have reached the Pahingahan or hut for resting ( this were the teachers leave their motorbike)  the boxes of school supplies have to be carried manually as we descend the man made stairs going to the school which is 200 meters from where we stopped for transfer

It is indeed a new and tiring experience for us and we salute the teachers assigned in this school which has no electricity as of now, no celfone signal and has limited resources for teaching

As I am riding on the Jeepney of Hope I am singing praise and worship songs that we may reach our destination safely without encountering any road mishaps and God has granted our prayers

thank you WBO for granting the children's prayer and stay with us for our next Reading adventure

Lupang Ninuno, Depensahan! Depensahan! Ipaglaban!"


These are the words chanted by the Mangyans. Behind their smiles are the oppression they experience; their human rights being violated, discrimination and their lands being taken away from them by selfish mining companies having the consent from the government. They hold the Mangyan Day yearly to address their problems and fight for their rights and lands. Let us pray for them and support them in the ways we can. Living with them for 4 days taught us a lot, they shared their culture to us. We slept in tents in the mountain, took a bath in a well in the forest; the experience is new to us and indeed something we will truly remember for the rest of our lives. Hoping we could come back n


"As for WaterBridge, I was impressed by the very real and practical outcomes that the organization does for people in South Asia and Africa. Water is so essential, and also the reading materials. It is sad and tragic that the local governments in so many places lack the capacity to provide even water and literacy for their populations, and people from half way around the world must step up... I am just happy that such an organization like WaterBridge exists, and that it can bring real 'deliverables' to people."


Uldis Kruze, Associate Professor of History, University of San Francisco.

"The WBO team joins other worthy initiatives in our global neighborhood of social responsibility by addressing children’s bodies and souls with two of their critical needs = water and books. 


The marginalized Merasi community is often denied access to schools and education. Filling their small library with carefully handpicked books that the children are allowed to touch, to choose, and read freely delights and opens young minds in restrictive worlds, to no bounds.


By offering healthy drinking water, the Merasi School WBO tank has relegated to memory the years of looking into water pots and buckets to see sand plus swimming things. For that, our thoughts of gratitude are indeed endless.


Furthermore the personal touch that the WBO team adds to their efforts is remarkable, empathetic to needs of all sort, including support of the staff of other Non-Profits. 


Together, we all stand dedicated to the most basic Human Rights of the rising generations of community leaders."


Karen Lucas, Executive Director, Folk Arts Rajasthan / The Merasi School



Waiting for the Biblioburro by Monica Brown (if Merasi students liked Biblioburro by Luis Soriano Borhorquez, I think they will enjoy this book with wonderful illustrations by John Parra; it follows in the spirit of Biblioburro and the author dedicates the book to Luis Doriano Borhorquez.


• Armando and the Blue Tarp School by Edith Hope and Judith Pinkerton Josephson, with charming illustrations by Hernan Sosa. If Merasi students like Rain School, as you said they did, I think they will respond to this moving tale of hardship and the privilege of learning and based on the true story of David Lynch, who takes with him to a colonia (garbage dump) near the Tijuana border a large blue tarp and amidst garbage, dirt, and noise he creates out of the blue tarp a school--you sit on the blue tarp with Senor David and participate in learning and you are a member of the Blue Tarp School, a great luxury for children from families in great need where children are expected to work, especially the boys.


•The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate, a Newberry Medal Winner in 2013 that topped the bestsellers' list for children here, is a very moving story of how Applegate gives Ivan a voice of his own to tell his story of being, for 27 years, the only gorilla in captivity in an urban mall in the U.S. and of course, he was extremely lonely.  And then a little elephant named Ruby comes from the wilderness, and they are moved to the Atlanta Zoo.  Life-changing things happen.  This is a story that will appeal to younger and older students alike.


And as promised, we will be sending (TO FAR**) a total of 8 copies of Michelle Mulder's Every Last Drop: Bringing Clean Water Home, which Peter mentioned to you.  I will put two of these books in the large flat rate box going to your dad's home in CT and will pack the other 6 copies of this title in a separate medium size flat rate box.  Please let me know when the boxes arrive, if you can.



Azzi in Between, One Well, and Planting the Trees of Kenya.


2012 (SofPT)


Out of the Way! Out of the Way!


Yuko-Chan and the Daruma Doll


The Good Garden


Drawing from Memory



2011 (SofPT)

A Child's Garden


Rain School





2010 (SofPT - 1st year)


First Come the Zebra


Little Leap Forward


My Little Round House


One Hen

Planting the Trees of Kenya


The Storyteller's Candle


Where the Mountain Meets the Moon



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